Pediatric Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist

I’m looking forward to expanding my professional experience as a Physiotherapist in Japan. It is a joy if I am able to work with a child and see an improvement in their condition, helping them to make the most of life as they grow and develop. My goal is to see a child make steady, measurable progress, to give them a sense of achievement and improvement which will improve their happiness and sense of well being

Available to see and evaluate the child, and create and implement a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Physiotherapy is offered at the infants’ / child’s and adult home within the Tokyo and Yokohama area.
Over 10 years experience, primarily in pediatric  physiotherapy, treating infants and children:
 – Neurology conditions: 
Tetraplegia; Diplegia; Hemiplegia; Paraplegia; Spina bifida;  Cerebral palsy; Ataxia and more.
 – Orthopedic conditions:
Arthrogryposis (pre & post operative); Scoliosis (C, S deviation); Kyphosis (Upper & Lower spine); Tight (trunk, spine) muscles; Rehabilitation postoperative after fractures (Upper and Lower members); Hypotonic muscles, Gait/Walk dysfunction and more.
 – Early development (specialising in Motor Delay for children lower or upper than 1 year old): Gross Motor & Fine Motor.
Using multiple method techniques as: BobathNDTKabatSchroth, HELP program along with Sensorial integration combining with Regulation of EmotionAlso, using licensed PT professional software and GMFM score testing.
Developing my own techniqueFunctional Therapy

I also have extensive experience working with Autistic and Down Syndrome children.


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3 thoughts on “Pediatric Physiotherapist / Physical Therapist

  1. Mariuska Pochabova

    I met Nydes in the spring of 2015 while trying to find help for my son, who had at the time a pronounced tilted pelvis, kyphotic posture, and tight chest muscles. Vasile stepped in, and he’s every bit the physiotherapist you would wish for a child.

    He’s very gentle and patient, yet our son looks up to him, and tries to impress him with his progress. He is also very passionate about his work, and we could instantly feel his commitment to helping our child.

    Every therapy has being very instructive for us as parents, and after a short while we could notice a the change in our son. One seldom finds someone so devoted to helping others, and who can with such ease make what could otherwise be a taxing time, a relaxing and yet productive one. I would undoubtedly recommend him to other parents.

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  2. Lidia Tuhutiu

    Hi, I’m mother of 3 years and 2 months girl, which last year had cardiopulmonary arrest with other many complications. After this happened, my daughter remain with in vegetative status with gastronomy and sever tetra-paresis.
    Until her 2 years old, she was ordinary child with normal motor development and IQ, also.

    When my daughter came out from the hospital treatment, we tried very hard to find a Physiotherapist (PT) for her, but we couldn’t find the best, until we met Mr. Nydes Ishiwatari which was showing strong experience working with this kind cases and special with children. Which our daughter became attached with him and exercises from the first PT session.
    He his really soft and emotional with carefulness on rehabilitation plan, which really fit on her needs. As her parents, we quick notice our daughter is in safely on really professional hands for her better rehabilitation.
    And we noticed a little improvement on her non-verbal communication and reducing her spasticity

    Unfortunately, this period of his PT experience was short, has he came for few months back to home country Romania. We benefit during his rehabilitation plan on our daughter and taught us how to continue at home the exercises in safe way to maintain continuity on her rehabilitation time.

    We felt very very sad, when he left the country to settle down in Japan with his family. But, we still touch and he always try from distance to help us with advice and communicate with our new PT.

    We really wish him the best of the best, because his wonderful man with big value on his PT skills.

    Our suggestions for other parents, don’t give up on his PT skills. He is what you wish to get and you’ll not have really experience to feel a kind person and PT skills which try his best to teach the parents to stay optimist and share his skills to all parents to keep the continuity after his PT session. We saw this experience, also on other children, which he was working on their rehabilitation with their parents along therapy.

    We had really that experience and we want him to continue to help us even from distance and open mind for other parents to discover his PT professional skills

    We really hoping, our feedback will help other children are in needs and can benefit a new chance for independent life.

    We Thank You Very Much for reading our honest feedback for his PT skills.

    Lidia (Mother) Radu (Father)

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